Think you know a thing or two about UMC Missions?

Try this easy quiz and find out!

Match a letter from items at the right to the numbered items below.
Answers are at the bottom of the page.


____1. Our local church's fair share of the missions and ministry of our conference. (There are more letters!)
A. United Methodist Committee on Relief
B. Missionaries
C. American University
D. World Service Fund
E. Church World Service
F. Critical Care Agency
G. The Advance
H. Apportionments
I. General Board of Global Ministries
J. Advance Specials
K. Africa University
L. Marilynn's Troops
M. Volunteers in Mission
____2. The agency that organizes all the missions of our national Church.
____3. The part of our apportionment that supports missions around the world.
____4. A channel of designed "second-mile" giving.
____5. The designed programs and missionaries adopted by a local church.
____6. Our mission agency for emergencies, hunger, and refugees supported by One Great Hour of Sharing and special gifts.
____7. An ecumenical mission agency for emergencies, hunger, and refugees supported by CROP Walks and special gifts.
____8. Persons supported in mission through the World Service Fund, the Advance and the United Methodist Women's Pledge to Mission.
____9. Persons who do mission work without pay - from one week to two years.
____10. A private university in Zimbabwe supported by our apportionments.

Answers: 1. H   2. I   3. D    4. G   5. J   6. A   7. E    8. B   9. M   10. K