Dear Helpers,

We've been on vacation seeing family in the States. It is time to start packing up and closing up and getting ready to go back to Africa. I had been...alright; I'll be honest...moping. It has gone so fast. The Lord knew that, of course, and cued in the solution. This morning I received via email the Portuguese material I was waiting for to assemble "Meu Drama Minha Vida" ("My Drama My Life") for printing. Now I'm packing up, but my mind keeps running off to this project. It is making concentration difficult! Who would have thought? I'm not concentrating on moping!

You might be able to see a version of this booklet next year (in English). We are due to return next year to itinerate. We hope to visit most of you and report in person what God has been doing. We plan to have the booklet available for our speaking. (The cover of the booklet is in the attachment to this update.)

Our itineration is just in the planning stages. We will probably be speaking from mid-August to mid-November, in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois.

You need to keep praying for us. Things you can pray for:

  • Travel back to Africa—the physical, logistical and emotional aspects of that.
  • Assembly and polishing of "Meu Drama Minha Vida" as well as funds to print it.
  • Getting back into the work in Lubumbashi. We will be driving from South Africa back to DRC.
  • Planning itineration for 2014.
  • For Rachel to be able to focus!

Your distracted missionary,
Rachel Gabler