A new Wisconsin Conference Advance has been established to aid the new Provisional Conference in Rwanda. The Advance Fund number is 7944. Monies sent to this Wisconsin Advance will be forwarded to the General Board as soon as the GBGM has approved a General Advance for Rwanda which was named as a Provisional Annual Conference at the 2016 General Conference.

During 2015 and 2016 five new churches were planted in Rwanda adding about 800 new members! A one week training was held to train Rwanda UMC pastors in evangelism, church planting and church leadership which helped pastors to improve their ministry within local churches. Also in 2016 three pieces of land were purchased in rural areas and three churches were built with money from church members:

  • Ryabizige UMC (under construction)
  • Tabagwe UMC
  • Gishuru UMC (under construction)

In addition a metallic roof for a UMC Multipurpose Hall at Remera, in Kibungo town has been started. It is the only building of that kind the UMC has in Rwanda and it is changing the image of UMC in the area of Kibungo. But, the roof is not completed due to lack of money and so it is a big challenge to the Church.

Rwanda Contact Information

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