Wisconsin young adults attending a workshopMission Motivation is a sub-committee of the Wisconsin Board of Global Ministries, whose membership consists of the Conference Mission Secretary, five District Representatives, the Committee Chair and people assigned to special projects as needed. These members currently include:

  • Mary Balson - Chair
  • Ben Morris - Conference Mission Secretary
  • Gail Burgess - Rainbow Covenant Coordinator
  • Tony Fuller - Mission Secretary NE District
  • Lucy Silvester - Mission Secretary NC District
  • Marge Lyford - Mission Secretary SW District
  • Judy Vasby - Co-Mission Secretary SE District 
  • Tabitha Yang - Co-Mission Secretary SE District               

Our responsibilities include the promotion of Advance projects, approving new Advance projects, helping those itinerating in Wisconsin to schedule church and Conference visits, providing training and education for local missions, and initiating new mission programs, such as the Rainbow Covenant and Mission Celebration events.

Connecting Local Churches with Missionaries

During itineration once every three years, the congregation has the opportunity to meet a missionary face-to-face by hosting them at their church. The Conference Mission Secretary and District Mission Secretaries work together in the scheduling of mission personnel who are in Wisconsin on leave from their mission projects. The Mission Secretaries will often contact local churches to schedule a visit from a missionary. When scheduling missionaries on itineration assignment, the Mission Secretaries will consider churches already in a Covenant Relationship with the missionary, as well as location, days in state, and other factors. Arrival dates and addresses are always subject to change; sometimes on very short notice. Churches who host missionaries on itineration are asked to send at least $50 to the Missionary Itineration Advance, #7720, to help defray travel expenses. Click here to view list of missionaries.

What is a Covenant Relationship?

The Covenant Relationship program enables congregations to have direct support and contact with mission personnel. This partnership is much more than a financial commitment; it is a dynamic relationship where the church and missionary pray for one another and communicate regularly. By deepening awareness of the struggles and triumphs of the missionary, the congregation participates in a work that is truly connectional. Over 300 Global Ministries missionaries are supported through Covenant Relationships who serve in more than 60 countries. There is a great need for more supporting churches to be involved in the Covenant Relationship program. If more churches enter into a partnership, Global Ministries will be able to send more missionaries out into the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ!

How Do You Establish a Covenant Relationship?

  • Establish a financial goal of $2,500 annually or $5 per church member per year.
  • Contact your Conference Secretary of Global Ministries or The Advance office to obtain information about missionaries who are related to the Wisconsin Conference.
  • Complete the Covenant Relationship Acceptance Agreement Form to establish your partnership with a missionary.
  • Send financial support to your Conference Treasurer clearly designating the missionary's name or Advance number.
  • Consider the missionary as an extension of your church staff by listing them in your church bulletin and prayerfully supporting the work of God's mission throughout the world.