Golden Cross Offering

Golden Cross Sunday is the second Sunday of May

Each congregation will receive envelopes for the Offering, so watch your mailboxes. The number of envelopes sent is the average worship attendance reported for the prior year. Each congregation is encouraged to take this offering on the second sunday of May or another Sunday. Accompanying the envelopes will be a letter from Bishop Jung, which you are encouraged to print in the church newsletter or distribute as a bulletin insert. Also, included is a memo from the Chair of the Health and Welfare Ministries Committee providing suggestions related to the offering. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

Introduction to Golden Cross

Board of Global Ministries
The Conference Board of Global Ministries is the primary outreach arm of the United Methodist Church in Wisconsin serving persons in need. The need may be the result of natural or man-made disasters, health problems, economic circumstances, social conditions, or the aging process.

Persons Served
The persons needing assistance may live within the Conference, across our nation, or around the world. To provide the capacity to respond to needs, the Wisconsin Conference and the larger UMC have over more than 200 years developed an array of organizations.

Entities related to Board of Global Ministries
Within Wisconsin, United Methodist related organizations providing health and welfare services maintain their relationship to the Conference through the Health and Welfare Ministries Committee of the Conference Board of Global Ministries. Other subgroups of the CBGM offer assistance in response to disasters both within the state and around the nation through both Conference and national entities receiving support from the UMC. The Conference also provides support to the General Board of Global Ministries of the international UMC to support a variety of on-going and short-term missionary efforts around the world.

Health and Welfare Ministries Support
Each of the 14 Health and Welfare Ministries within the Wisconsin Conference is supported through a combination of sources including donations from individuals and groups, grants, fees for services, government programs , and insurance. Four of the Ministries which serve persons with little capability to pay for assistance provided, receive significant financial support directly from the Wisconsin Conference. The source of this support is the Apportionment payments made by each UM church within the Conference. This Apportionment support provides an important foundation upon which these Ministries can build their appeals to other sources of funds. Donors outside the church want to see the recipients of their assistance as having a solid base of support within the church to assure continuity of the ministry.

Golden Cross Offering
The Wisconsin Conference also encourages each congregation to make an annual appeal to its members to help support unfunded (benevolent) service provided by each of the Ministries. This appeal is made in the form of the annual Conference-wide Golden Cross offering. While most congregations take the offering on Mother's Day, the day the Conference designates as Golden Cross Sunday, congregations have the option of taking the offering on another Sunday.

Each of the Health and Welfare Ministries encourages the congregations within their service area to take a Golden Cross offering. The Ministries share the Golden Cross funds received during a calendar year as a result of their mutual effort to raise the funds. The expenses related to the Golden Cross appeal are paid from the Board of Global Ministries budgeted Apportionment funds. This permits 100% of the Golden Cross gifts to directly benefit those persons in need of financial assistance.

Each congregation that takes a Golden Cross offering is expressing support for the service provided persons in need of our Health and Welfare Ministries within the Wisconsin Conference. The congregations are also acknowledging the fundamental UM belief that our Christian faith can only develop when we serve others while practicing personal and collective spiritual disciplines.