The Choir Director’s main area of responsibility is to enhance worship services and other events with music and other performing arts so we can reach out to the world through worship, fellowship, discipleship and ministry. This ministry will emphasize worship, ministry and discipleship.  This person is supervised by the pastor.

The Choir Director will spend an average of six to eight hours weekly engaged in ministry at Monroe United Methodist Church.

DUTY 1 – Worship

  • Expectations for performances:
    • Choir will perform three times per month (or more if choir desires or grows), September through May
    • Annual Christmas cantata, Easter cantata
    • Expand music performances, e.g., bell choir, children’s choir, or brass band to perform monthly
    • Arrange Special Music for Sunday services when choir is not singing
    • Arrange Special Music for summer months

DUTY 2 – Ministry

  • Coordinate performances with leaders of each performing group, encouraging and assisting the groups in timely preparation of performance
  • Coordinate the music for Chancel Choir
  • Rehearse with performing groups to ready them for worship services.  Provide assistance and support in achieving the best performance

Monroe United Methodist Church is seeking a Choir Director to coordinate the music and direct the rehearsals and performances of our Chancel Choir at our worship services and special occasions.  The Choir Director will also expand music performances and arrange Special Music for Sunday services when choir is not singing.If you have questions or to submit a resume, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 608-325-5597

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