Bookkeeper (Part Time)

Summerfield United Methodist Church is hiring for a part time Bookkeeper. The time commitment would be 10-20 hours per month, with more hours in the first two weeks of the month due to financial reporting; the primary work location at Summerfield United Methodist Church, 722 E. Juneau Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202; and the position would report to the Treasurer.  Learn more and apply here.

  • Qualifications
    • An Associate’s degree in a finance related field or qualified experience
    • Experience using QuickBooks
    • Ability and willingness to follow directions
    • Good communication skills, both written and oral
    • Ability to respond to email inquiries within three business days
    • Willingness to adapt to changing needs and ability to learn new things quickly
  • Primary Duties
    • Maintains donor records in donor management software
    • Records receipts into QuickBooks
    • Prepares quarterly donor statements
    • Pays bills and enter bills into QuickBooks on a weekly basis
    • Prepares month end bank reconciliation within the first two weeks of the following month
    • Prepares month end financial reports within the first two weeks of the following month
    • Assists with year-end operational reporting
    • Assists treasurer and finance committee chair with annual budget each fall
    • Enters new budget into QuickBooks within the first two weeks of the year
    • Acts as financial contact on behalf of the church for some vendors