Reverend Ana Luisa Mayorga de Chacon, preached the sermon during the Retiree Service. In her sermon, she said that although she is retiring, she still “has plans to continue serving God in another capacity, such as loving my neighbors, helping the needy, comforting those who suffer, and also celebrating those who are happy in life.”

“In Spanish, the word we usually use for retiree is jubilado, jubilada. It is a stage of jubilation… I invite you to this new stage of our lives with the same optimism, with faith and hope for a better future, enjoying the life that God has prepared for us to live.”

15 retirees were celebrated:

  • Janice Beutin
  • MarinoChacon
  • Gary Cole
  • Barbara Cook
  • Carrie Hamm
  • Debra Hastings
  • BrendaJahns-Grams
  • Kathleen Jury
  • Eileen Kuehnl
  • Ana Luisa Mayorga de Chacon
  • Marjorie Rice Myers
  • Hong Lim Park
  • Jeffrey Radley
  • Doris Simpson
  • Keith Wolf