The Wisconsin General Conference delegation celebrated the opening day of prayer and worship at the special session in St. Louis. The day was filled with global praise, worldwide sharing of critical missions, needs and ministries, invitations to prayer and discernment, and general fellowship and preparation for the next three days. An excellent introduction to our process and an incisive orientation to Parliamentary procedure set the stage for the legislative and plenary work of the conference. District Superintendent Forrest Wells commented, “It was a good day of worship and prayer, I thought. And I even enjoyed Parliamentary procedure!”

The general feeling of the delegation was a sense of comfort and focus, agreement that beginning with a day of prayer was a great foundation upon which to build. The recurrent message in worship and through the guided meditations was that God is in charge. Together, faithful people, centered in prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit, will make the best decisions for the future of The United Methodist Church.

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