This year the Vine Winter Retreat, Illuminate, was held at New Hope Hmong UMC in Milwaukee on January 9-10, 2016. There were about 20 young adults on the first day and about 35 on the second day, similar number of attendance last year in Minnesota. Muamone Yang of New Hope Hmong UMC said, “We were excited that our young adults from Madison, Wisconsin and Wheelock UMC in St. Paul, Minnesota could make to the event. Most were from our three churches in Milwaukee. Pastor Yeng Yang who is the pastor of a two-point charge in Green Bay was our main speaker because our guest was not able to make it.” Illuminate was the theme of the Winter Retreat event. Muamone said, “It helped us how we could be the light that shines throughout the world. We learned about darkness, light, and how to keep our light strong. Darkness is all around us. It can signify evil, sin, or the coming of God. Light comes from God. It is the strength within all of us to resist sin or evil. We must spread this light to all others so that they may have God’s strength as well. We cannot cover our light for fear, shame, laziness, or any other reason. We must keep our light strong. Although our fire may wane, it will never die. We must be the ones to illuminate the world and bring the kingdom of God to glory. We had great singing with praise and worship led by Emmanuel Yang in Milwaukee, Michelle Yang from St. Paul and Simon Thao from Madison. Rev. Tsuker was there part of the time and helped with communion. Thank you for our parents who also came, especially the women from Agape UM Ministry who provided our meals. Thank you also to our host youth group and director, Mrs. John and her family of the New Hope Hmong UMC. We would not had this great even without their support.” Vine is a young adult ministry group of the National Hmong Caucus of UMC.