(Story shared by Rev. Tsuker Yang) This past week on October 10th, the Hmong United Methodist Women Association met at Highland UMC in Rothschild, Wisconsin for their Fall Leadership Training. There were 44 women attending from the four states where most Hmong are concentrated: California, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Since the event was in Wisconsin, most of those in attendance were from our Hmong churches here in Wisconsin. Click here to see pictures.

Sa Yang, who is the current president, is a member of one of our Hmong churches in Wisconsin. She was the key workshop leader for leadership training on the theme “Happily Ever After.” She challenged the women to have more hope within their lives now, and in the future. She also encouraged the women to consider four things in their spiritual journey: (1) Allow God to take complete control, shape and mold their life, (2) Remember who they are—God’s masterpiece, (3) Let the past be the past and remember it no more with focus on what is ahead, and (4) With God’s help, remember that they are in control of their happiness.

The group met for workshops, worship and singing, hearing God’s message and challenge, and installing newly-elected leaders for the coming years. Worship was led by Mai Vang from California and preaching was presented by Rev. David Vang of Highland UMC. Rev. David also performed the installation of new leaders and talked about being prepared for Christ’s coming, based on Matthew 25:1-13, the Ten Bridesmaids. At the closing, many went forward to receive prayers and blessing. As usual, there was good fellowship and plenty of food prepared by Hmong men of Highland UMC. After the event, the new leadership team met to plan their work for next year until late evening.

The Hmong United Methodist Women Association was formed in late fall of 1998 at Albright UMC in Milwaukee to educate and support Hmong United Methodist Women for spiritual growth, leadership, and mission. Each year, they have three or four national events, including an annual conference in the summer, a spring retreat, and a fall leadership training. Its leaders also provide support for leaders of local women groups by visiting them annually. As an organization, they seek to follow the mission of the United Methodist Women, and have been involved in supporting small projects in Laos and Vietnam, such as water well, books/pencils for students, scholarships for Bible students, families and pastors in need, and many others.