Health & Welfare Ministries

The Wisconsin Board of Global Ministries is the primary outreach arm of the United Methodist Church in Wisconsin serving persons in need. The need may be the result of natural or man-made disasters, health problems, economic circumstances, social conditions, or the aging process.

The persons needing assistance may live within the Conference, across our nation, or around the world. To provide the capacity to respond to needs, the Wisconsin Conference and the larger UMC have developed and partnered with an array of organizations over the last 200 years. Over many years, beginning before the start of the 20th century, the Health and Welfare Ministries were formed by the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church as outreach ministries of the Church for persons in need.

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Northcott Neighborhood House June Newsletter

The bedrock of each ministry is the vision of a better world sought by the founders from within the Church, and the Christian values of serving others. The Health and Welfare Ministries of the Wisconsin Conference are key expressions of the goal of social transformation within the Conference. The ministries are structured so they offer all UMC members in the Conference the opportunity to serve others through one of the ministries. And the Conference encourages the expansion of the ministries and the creation of new ministries to better respond to the unmet needs of both United Methodists and persons of all faiths. Therefore, all the ministries have in common Christian values of service and a vision of God’s Kingdom here on earth.

The Health and Welfare Ministries related to The United Methodist Church serve more than 32 million people in 1,555 locations across the United States and provide more than $2 billion in charity care annually. The Wisconsin Conference has within its boundaries 15 Health and Welfare Ministries serving persons of all faiths and races as an outreach of the United Methodist Church.

Theological Rationale called for the creation of these Ministries: "As people of God, we are called to serve those who are vulnerable and with needs through Wesleyan focused ministries that promote health and wholeness in Christ."