Board of Global Ministries

The Wisconsin Board of Global Ministries is the missional instrument of the United Methodist Church. As Disciples of Christ, we follow his lead in helping those who are in need.

Members of the Wisconsin Board of Global Ministries and its committees are challenged to inspire and educate districts, circuits, local churches, and individuals about the many mission opportunities available. The Board also recommends ministries to be funded through Conference apportionment dollars and designated funds, and has oversight responsibilities for segregated funds from gifts and bequests designated to be used for missions.

The Wisconsin Board of Global Ministries helps to make disciples of both those persons who are able to act out their faith through a myriad of opportunities offered by our various ministries and mission trips, and those persons whom are hurting and impoverished and aided by the board’s efforts.

Videos and Newsletters from our Missionaries

  • Temba Nkomozepi (Adv. # 3022400)
  • Mujila Falls Agriculture Centre (Adv. #15016A)


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