A Journey to the Holy Land with Rev. Scott Carlson

A Journey to the Holy Land with Rev. Scott Carlson
Wednesday, February 8, 2023 to Friday, February 17, 2023

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Join Rev. Scott Carlson For A Journey To The Holy Land
February 8-17, 2023

Rev. Scott writes, "I am so excited about the opportunity to be helping to lead a pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan in February of 2023.  I invite you to pray and consider joining me on this adventure of faith.
Traveling to the lands of the bible has opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of the scriptures we read and hold as sacred.  It has been described that the land of the Holy Land is the fifth Gospel.  That has certainly been my experience.  Just being in the place that is talked about in the Holy Scriptures, opens up how I hear the stories anew. 

When in Nazareth, I had a chance to see how a first century home may have looked.  The home consisted of just a few rooms.  One was a living area, where the food was prepared.  Where, at night, the bed mats were laid out and where, during bad weather, the animals were brought in and placed (The stable).  Seeing this house helped me hear the birth stories very different."