Training Event - Reconciled Churches: Models of Cultural Competency

Training Event - Reconciled Churches: Models of Cultural Competency
Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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Lamarr Gibson

Training Event: Reconciled Churches: Models of Cultural Competency
Reconciled Churches: Models of Cultural Competency examines the practical activities and practices church congregations can engage in to reconcile broken relations caused by intercultural conflict so that their congregational settings can produce atmospheres in which attitudes of tolerance and intercultural sensitivity prevail over tendencies toward prejudice and bias against other persons or social groups.
When: Tuesday, January 25, 2022, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon
Where: on ZOOM
1st hour training
2nd hour application
Registered persons will be sent the ZOOM link by e-mail. There is no charge for participation.
Persons who register but are unable to attend the ZOOM training will be provided access to a recording of the event to facilitate their participation.
Remember to answer the evaluation questions on the registration form.
Please register for Reconciled Churches: Models of Cultural Competency
The Anti-Racism Task Force is pleased introduce the Cultural Competency Forum of the Wisconsin Annual Conference. Participation in the Forum is free of charge to Wisconsin Conference clergy and laity.
You are invited to begin a journey which will lead to cultural competency by registering for Module 1- Background and Foundational Concepts and participating in the Module’s third and final monthly training and application event: Reconciled Churches: Models of Cultural Competency.
Module 1 provides information on theories about human behavior and the individual and group behaviors that contribute to as well as eliminate or reduce bias and prejudice in society and local settings.
The Cultural Competency Forum is a platform for training and practical application designed and created to realize the objectives of the 2019 Resolution on Anti-Racism Training, which called for intentional anti-racism training for conference clergy and leaders.
The Cultural Competency Forum is a two-year program of training and practical application structured to provide essential and continuing education with which clergy and congregations will gain awareness, build knowledge, acquire skills, and form attitudes that will equip them to become culturally competent. This will provide a core of knowledge and skills for persons to progress further and participate in later Cultural Competency Forum training to teach interested persons skills for teaching cultural competency to local churches and other in settings.
The Cultural Competency Forum’s two-year program of training and application consists of 5 training and application modules preceded by a 3-to-4-hour training event. Each training event will be conducted regionally in a set location such as a church and will simultaneously be streamed on ZOOM. Each training and application module will be streamed on ZOOM.
The five regional training events and training and application modules are below:
Regional Training: Bridging the Gap – held September 10-11, 2021, at Pine Lake Camp
Module 1: Background and Foundational Concepts.
Regional Training:  Scheduled for March 2022
Module 2: Socialization and Power
Regional Training: Scheduled for July 2022
Module 3: Community Development and Organization
Regional Training: Scheduled for November 2022
Module 4: Cultural Competency
Regional Training: Scheduled for April 2023
Module 5: Awareness, Skills, Knowledge, and Attitudes for Cultural Competency.             
The first hour of each monthly session is dedicated to training, the second hour is dedicated to application using cases from current congregational settings.
Click the below link to register for our third monthly training and application event: Reconciled Churches: Models of Cultural Competency
Please email or text your comments and questions to Lamarr V Gibson:
Phone: (608) 509-6832