General and Jurisdictional Conferences

During the 2019 Annual Conference, ten laity and ten clergy were elected to serve as Wisconsin’s delegation for the 2020 General Conference and North Central Jurisdictional (NCJ) Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Laity General Conference Delegates

  • Lisa King
  • Ravi Roelfs
  • Jessica Gobel

Laity Jurisdictional Conference Delegates

  • Lisa Jones
  • Donald Cramer
  • John Lawson

Laity Jurisdictional Reserve Delegates

  • Judy Vasby
  • Meredith Spors
  • Lynn Messner

Clergy General Conference Delegates

  • Dan Schwerin
  • Jennifer Arneson
  • Krysta Deede

Clergy Jurisdictional Conference Delegates

  • Allison Scott
  • Kate Croskery Jones
  • Jeremy Deaner

Clergy Jurisdictional Reserve Delegates

  • Scott Carlson
  • Kevin Dembinski
  • Joan Frost
  • Clarissa Martinelli