Watch Interviews with Wisconsin Delegates

Amidst a General Conference that has seemed divisive at times, Wisconsin Conference delegates have found signs of hope here in Portland. Amanda Stein, Katie Crise, Judy Vasby, and Tom Popp sat down with our communications staff to talk about what has excited them at this General Conference, and what they’ve experienced over the last two weeks that goes beyond what’s been live streamed. Stay tuned to hear stories from the rest of our delegates.

Church ‘Growth Committee’ Fails Constitution Test

The proposed establishment of a United Methodist “Standing Committee on Strategy and Growth” funded by $20 million taken from denominational coffers was ruled unconstitutional May 19 by the Judicial Council, the church’s top court. Linda Bloom has the story. Read story and post a comment.

New Missionaries Commissioned at GC2016

The liturgy of commissioning, both solemn and joyful, was believed to be the first as part of a United Methodist General Conference. Twenty-nine new missionaries, commissioned on May 19, will serve globally as church developers, chaplains, teachers, health practitioners or administrators, agricultural specialists and youth workers. Bishop Jung assisted in presiding over the ceremony. Elliott Wright has the story. Read story.

Liberian is New Judicial Council President

For the first time, a member from outside the United States has been elected president of the United Methodist Judicial Council. N. Oswald Tweh Sr., a lay member from Liberia, will lead the denomination’s top court for 2016-20. Linda Bloom has the story. Read story and post a comment.

Video: Growing Pains in the Central Conferences

Delegates and bishops attending General Conference share their perspectives on the need for new episcopal areas in the central conferences. David Valera and Patrick Scriven share the story. See the video and read the story

GC2016: Oppose Mascots that Demean Native Americans

Delegates to General Conference 2016 overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling on United Methodist agencies to raise awareness about the harm caused by sports teams that use mascots or symbols that disrespect Native Americans. But the petition was amended in committee, deleting language that would have called on United Methodist groups not to have meetings in cities that have sports teams with such mascots or symbols. Sam Hodges reports. Read story and post a comment. Read a story about the history of The United Methodist Church and mascots.

May 19 Wrap-Up: New Missionaries Commissioned, Special GC Costs Discussed

A day after tabling potentially contentious legislation on human sexuality, General Conference 2016 moved through its calendar at a steady clip, possibly noticing that time to finish its task is running short. They passed legislation to oppose Native American mascots, voted to stop supporting the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and created a new provisional central conference in Asia. And the Judicial Council declared a $20 million plan for church growth unconstitutional. Joey Butler reports. Read full story and post comment.