Bishop Jung Speaks About UMCOR

Bishop Jung, who also serves as the president of the board of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), discussed disaster response and disaster risk reduction in the Philippines at General Conference yesterday. He was joined by UMCOR staff Jack Amick. UMCOR just completed a project in the Phillippines to build homes and community shelters better suited to withstand a storm. “When I was in the Philippines, the most important witness I saw was that they have deep faith in the midst of so much destruction,” he said. Click here to watch the video.

Reflections From our Delegates

"After two+ days of debate, Rule 44 was voted down with a lack of majority,” Sam Royappa said. “The good news is that The Great Commandment of Jesus is and will be with us today and every day. No one can vote it down. Rule 44 is about suspending the Robert Rules of Order, with and by an alternative governing tool or method. It was oxymoron to let the Robert Rules of Order to govern the tool that was designed solely to suspend or to deal with the Robert Rules of Order. It sounded like letting a fox to guard a hen house. Now that Rule 44 is gone, now what is next? The Church of Jesus Christ continues with the mission of making disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world. No stinking rule can stop the mission of Christ, preached and practiced by men, women, youth and children. We continue to witness what God can continue to do in this world which needs love, mercy and compassion. The world has witnessed yesterday or today that the Roman Catholic Church, through the prophetic voice of their Pope, will soon have ordained women deacons. With God and His people, everything is possible. The General Conference comes and goes, but the mission with miracles of God continues with stories, creating milestones and histories in the Kingdom of God. Thanks be to God!” Click here to read new blog entries from Dan Dick.

May 12 Wrap-Up: Rule 44 Voted Down

Over the past three days, the United Methodist General Conference has offered a live demonstration of just how difficult following its rules of order can be. Delegates ultimately decided against a proposed Group Discernment Process that has dominated proceedings. In other news, one bishop “passes the gavel” and another will have to go under the knife after a nasty fall on Day One. Joey Butler has the story. Read story and post a comment

Dakotas-Minnesota Bishop is New Council of Bishops President

Bishop Bruce Ough, bishop of the Dakotas-Minnesota Area of The United Methodist Church, became president of the Council of Bishops with a ceremonial passing of the gavel ceremony during a meeting of the General Conference on May 12. The Council of Bishops provides spiritual leadership for The United Methodist Church, which is in mission in more than 135 countries. The council voted Ough into his new role during its meeting in Germany in May 2015. Bishop Ough told the gathering of bishops today that the church must tell its story, preach it, model it and live it. “Collectively, we need to articulate how God is working through The United Methodist Church -- a church that is vibrant and is changing lives. My vision is that we become that movement of God that is clear about inviting persons into a relationship with Jesus and also equips them to be vital disciples who are in the world to make a difference,” said Bishop Ough. Click here to read more.     

Alsted Preaches Unconditional Reliance on Jesus

Bishop Christian Alsted, of the Nordic and Baltic Episcopal Area, challenged those attending General Conference 2016 to offer themselves humbly to Jesus' authority and "unconditionally depend on him for the healing of the church." Alsted, referencing the story of the Roman centurion whose faith Jesus praised, preached during the May 12 worship service. Sam Hodges reports. Read story and post a comment

Delegates Welcome Members of Larger Methodist Family

The United Methodist General Conference, meeting here at the Oregon Convention Center, greeted representatives of 23 churches in the larger Methodist family. The guests came from Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America. Elliott Wright of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries has the story. Read story and post a comment.