Delegates Reflect on First Days of Conference

Gail Burgess and Sam Royappa have shared their reflections on the first days of General Conference, and Dan Dick has written two new entries in his blog: What are Rules For? And GC2016 – Day Three.                                                                                                                                                                                         

May 11 Wrap-Up: Episcopal Address, More Rule 44 Debate             

A day after the celebratory tone of opening worship came a reminder that General Conference is one big, long meeting. As delegates got down to business, debate over one of the Rules of Order will stretch into a third day while the episcopal address urged United Methodists to “trust God and go.”​ Joey Butler has the story.Read story and post a comment.

At GC2016, Rule 44 Still a Question

Whether General Conference delegates adopt a new way of dealing with tough issues remains to be seen. For a second time, a vote on the much-debated Rule 44 has been deferred a day. Behind this seemingly arcane procedural debate is concern about how United Methodists discuss ministry with gay and lesbian individuals. Heather Hahn has the story. Read story and post a comment.

Local Pastors a Presence at General Conference

Licensed local pastors cannot serve as delegates to General Conference. But they're a growing part of the United Methodist clergy corps, and leaders of their group are present at the denomination's top law-making assembly, trying to influence legislation. Sam Hodges has the story. Read story and post a comment.

Delegates Focus on Christian Conferencing

General Conference delegates spent two hours on May 11 on Christian Conferencing, the practice of engaging in respectful and honest conversations. Leaders expressed hope that today’s session would set the tone as legislative committees begin meeting. Crystal Caviness reports. Read story and post a comment.