If and when 864 delegates and thousands of visitors at 2016 General Conference take Bishop Palmer's futuristic message of his episcopal address in their hearts and minds, our hopes for future Methodism will be multiplied.

The global church with a Connectional system is amazing and while marveling at the glorious global church gathering with many colors, cultures and languages, there is still lack of healthy relationships between east and west, and north and south. As the business of the conference consumes maximum energy of all delegates, there is no time to be still and engage in a heart to heart conversation with an intentional listening, learning and understanding.

The worship experiences are awesome, with heart-warming music, powerful moments of prayer, and life-transforming messages, based on the Scriptures, both read and enacted. As I look at global people, with a smile on their faces, I give thanks to God, the creator, the savior and the sustainer. A global church is a glorious church and a growing church.