Thanks to all who have been part of the journey of this Delegation. Those of us seated during the GC are especially grateful for the presence and support of the reserves attending in St Louis, as well as the prayers and encouraging notes from those of you back home in Wisconsin (and MN!). We were blessed by also having all the Cabinet members and several members of the BOOM observing GC 2019.

We were uplifted by regular visits to our delegation by Bishop Jung which also allowed us to extend back through him our gratitude for the work of the Council of Bishops. The COB-recommended One Church Plan was not supported, making this GC a particularly painful experience for the bishops as they sought to maintain church unity.

The Traditional Plan adopted during the Tuesday afternoon General Conference plenary was sent to the Judicial Council for a declaratory decision. The Judicial Council will rule during its next regularly scheduled meeting, April 23 - 25. We will not know until after that what portions of the Traditional Plan are actually valid. Since all the plan petitions were bundled and not allowed to be divided for voting on individual petitions, the entire package may not be constitutional. Major sections have previously been declared unconstitutional by the JC. As time was running out in St Louis, the WCA abandoned attempts to amend the TP petitions to revise unconstitutional sections. They shifted focus to adopting an exit plan, a higher priority for those seeking to leave the UMC.

It is likely that the Council of Bishops will also be requesting a Judicial Council decision about the exit plan passed late Tuesday afternoon.

Just what was accomplished legislatively by General Conference will not be clarified for two months. In the meantime, we just keep on being faithful members of the Body of Christ manifested through the UMC as experienced in our Wisconsin Conference context. Thanks for all the ways you are engaged in ministry.

Steve Zekoff, clergy delegate, served as the head of the Wisconsin Delegation during the Special Session of General Conference. If you would like to hear more about the delegates’ experiences during General Conference, there are several video interviews of the delegates in the Special Session General Conference playlist on the Conference YouTube channel.