Eight members of the Wisconsin Board of Ordained Ministry attended the Special Session of the General Conference and issued the following statement on Monday, February 25. Click here to view the statement or read the text below:

25 February 2019

In November of 2016 the Board of Ordained Ministry of the Wisconsin Conference affirmed the following statement of inclusion.

Published: 15 November 2016

After spending more than six hours in prayerful deliberation, the following statement was edited and adopted by the Wisconsin Board of Ordained Ministry: “The Book of Discipline charges the Board of Ordained Ministry to ‘renew a culture of call in the church by giving strategic leadership.’ Discrimination interferes with our ability to respond fairly to all whom God calls to ministry. The Wisconsin Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry recognizes that our members, our Annual Conference, and The United Methodist Church are not of one mind about credentialing LGBTQ individuals. The Board holds all candidates to high standards for fitness, readiness and effectiveness in ministry. We do not consider sexual orientation and gender identity to be sufficient reasons, on their own, to deny God’s call to ministry and they will not be considered in the evaluation of candidates by the Board of Ordained Ministry. Board members conscientiously and prayerfully examine each candidate. While the Board makes every effort to reach consensus, if we cannot, members may vote their conscience.”

Eight members of the Board are in St. Louis to witness the work of the 2019 Special Session of General Conference as they discuss the discrimination against the LGBTQIA community and the future of The United Methodist Church.

Each of us personally reaffirms our commitment to the board's statement and remains committed to affirming the ministry, gifts and graces of ALL qualified candidates for ordained ministry based on merit rather than gender identity or sexual orientation.

All are welcome.

Rev. Cathy Weigand
Rev. Rebecca Henry
Rev. Krysta Deede
Rev. Meg Lybeck-Smoak
Rev. Steve Scott
Rev. Susan Haller
Rev. Dr. Mark Fowler
Rev. Dr. Amanda Stein