Over the past year, teams of laity and clergy from five Christian churches in the Port Washington and Saukville area have been meeting to envision a shared Christian Youth Ministry. These churches are: Grand Avenue United Methodist Church, Christ the King Lutheran Church, First Congregational Church, Living Hope Lutheran Church and Parkside Community United Church of Christ. This team found that each congregation shared a similar dream for a vibrant Christian youth ministry, each congregation has struggled with implementing their own program due to limited resources and each congregation has a lot to bring to a shared program. They also found that they genuinely liked working with each other.

The team has engaged with a volunteer professional facilitator to lead them through the process of developing their vision for a quality and sustainable program that would operate with the upmost integrity. The following is the vision statement:

Our churches see the need for a vibrant Christian group that welcomes youth of all faith backgrounds. By combining resources, we know we can provide progressive and relevant experiences that promote character development in this changing world. We intend to create an environment where youth feel safe asking questions and building relationships with God and with each other.

Most recently, the team completed their certification as a 501c3 non-profit and worked together on Giving Tuesday fund raisers that netted $40,000. This will allow for the refurbishing of a Youth Facility at Grand Avenue United Methodist Church and the hiring of a youth program director.

View the job description here. To apply, please send resume to Ray Shupe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..