Pastor Anna Lisa Hunter writes, “2018 has been a tumultuous year for Bridges UMC in La Crosse, WI. Born out of the legacy of Wesley UMC, Bridges started on July 2 and is working to build a new church using the resources left by Wesley UMC. We have some people, some money and a big building to start our new congregation.

One of the values of our new congregation is living with generosity. Our congregation has made a pledge that the first 20% of all income we receive will be given away through our connectional giving and donations to outside ministry opportunities.

This year we have had some tough financial situations, but we have never wavered in our commitment to giving away 20%, and we paid our apportionments in full in October to help the Conference.

In the past, some of our people felt that we had to hold on tightly to every dollar that came through, and that connectional giving was optional and happened after we took care of ourselves. Now that we are living with generosity, we trust that we will have enough when we commit to giving the first of our harvest.”