Paul Cunliffe, Lay Leader at Danbury UMC, writes, “The United Methodist Church is a connectional church. We do things together. Apportionments are a way of combining our financial resources to be able to do more as a connectional church than we can do as individual churches.

Examples include how the General Board of Discipleship produces a proposed order of worship for each Sunday based on the lectionary with notes that can be used to prepare a sermon or a bible study; the General Board of Ordained Ministry develops standards for ordination; and the General Board of Missions combines resources from many churches to support mission programs, such as Paul Webster in Zambia.

Because we can see that our resources are combined with the resources of other churches by the apportionment process, we at Danbury UMC have given 100% of our apportionment for the last 28 years and have given 120% for the past several years. Giving 100% lets the general church plan better and make the best use of the resources that God has given us.”