The Wisconsin Conference is proud to have so many new ministries in our state. One of these is New Lisbon: Winding Rivers, which was formed in the spring of 2016 when the New Lisbon and Camp Douglas United Methodist Churches merged. After the merger, Pastor Deb Burkhalter explains that, “The merger wasn’t working, and we needed to be even more bold. We moved out of the church building and began worshipping in a local bar. Then things started to click, and we began to dream God-sized dreams. What would it mean for us to become the church that Christ imagined? A church without walls, stained glass windows, or pews; a church that served the community and that was outward-focused. Getting out of the seats and into the streets and doing ministry.”

In the spring of 2017, they learned about a gun shop and archery range that was for sale. It was 10 acres and 10,000 square feet. They purchased the property and now have room to grow. Pastor Deb Burkhalter ended by saying, “I’d like to thank everyone who has been there for us during the last three years. What a ride it’s been. But I think God has only begun the plan that he has for Winding Rivers.”

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