The Wisconsin Conference is proud to have so many new ministries in our state. One of these new ministries is the Daai Christian Fellowship in Milwaukee. Thung Hung, a leader in the Daai Christian Fellowship, explains that they had been meeting for Bible study and worship in a member’s house, but it was getting too crowded. In October 2015, they set up a meeting with Pastor Thomas Thao of Albright UMC and New Hope Hmong to discuss using Albright as a worship space. Two years later, the District Strategy Team voted to allow the Daai ministry to move forward as an official ministry of the Wisconsin Conference.

Pastor Thomas Thao said, “At the moment, the Daai Christian Fellowship remains the only Burmese ministry in the Conference. Albright and the Daai Christian Fellowship would like to extend our gratitude to the Wisconsin Conference for supporting this vital ministry in Milwaukee. Thank you for supporting this new congregation with your apportionment dollars through the Board of Congregational Development.” Watch the full video here.

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