The Wisconsin Conference Commission on the Status and Role of Women (COSROW) has put together a report from the 2018 Annual Conference. Laura Pfeffer, who serves as an at-large member of COSROW, reviews some of the highlights of Annual Conference in the report. She says, “We were especially gifted by the sermon given by Bishop Mamani with the help of our talented translator. The experience of listening to a translated sermon reminds us of the experience of those within our midst who rely on translation to bridge the diversity of first languages within our Conference. We are grateful that translation services are available at our Annual Conference for those who need this service. We have celebrated our efforts to create cross-cultural appointments in our Conference. The best visual for this was the gift of seeing the graduates of the Hispanic Institute of Congregational Development. This is one place where we see our Conference growing and moving into the future.”

In addition to the positive aspects of Annual Conference noted, the report also discusses areas where there is still room for improvement in the Conference. One observation was from the Clergy Session. Aside from the Bishop, no clergy of color gave presentations. Also, all of the clergy who went to the microphone to share affirmations for candidates were all white. The report explains, “In light of our view of emphasizing cross-cultural and emerging cultural opportunities, this is not necessarily the mission we wish to represent. We have talented clergy of color in our Conference. Our next step is to encourage ethnic leadership, and to know that when we lose our diversity of voice, we have failed to live into the wholeness of God’s kin-dom.”

Read the full COSROW report.