Make A New Wisconsin was introduced at our 2016 Annual Conference where approval was sought to conduct a fundraising campaign feasibility study. A robust study consisting of more than 90 in-person interviews and 50 learning sessions throughout the state was conducted in 2016-2017. After concluding the study, the Conference asked for more details. So the Connectional Table took up the charge to further define our Conference’s ministry priorities. We have now established that our focus is on leadership development for laity and clergy.

This is the key to effective mission and ministry and is included in each of the campaign priorities:

  • Revitalization of existing congregations that desire life and growth
  • New faith communities to reach those who don’t currently relate to our existing congregations and ministries
  • Mercy and justice ministries as collaborative opportunities in every community

This initiative, now called Launch Out!, is about investing in our children, our grandchildren, and their children. We cannot merely maintain the status quo to achieve this grand vision. We have pockets of exciting vitality and newness, yet there is much more needed to jump start and launch into new ministries.

We are asking you, the 2018 Wisconsin Annual Conference, to approve moving forward with the Launch Out! campaign. We are positioning ourselves to launch the campaign immediately upon your approval. The campaign will be seeking $7 million in funding, and would be a 36- month giving campaign. Launch Out! is the priority mission and ministry of the entire Wisconsin Conference.

For more information on Launch Out!, view the Launch Out! Brochure, the Launch Out! Flyer, or the Launch Out! Q&A. You can also watch the videos in this playlist for testimonies from members of the Launch Out! team.