Throughout this school year, I have been given the opportunity to experience incredible growth as The Crossing’s student intern. Last semester was a time of transition for us: a new school year with new students and a new executive director. Part of transitioning involved a shift in The Crossing’s needs and, therefore, a shift in the ways I could best serve The Crossing.

When I began to notice the need for outreach, we were able to move around my responsibilities to include outreach, and soon after, I began brainstorming. Since then, we have handed out free coffee to students during finals, developed “The Crossing” laptop stickers, updated our graphic design software, and decorated The Crossing’s study spaces. All of these initiatives have had the goal of letting UW students know that The Crossing exists and making The Crossing a welcoming space for all.

Aside from outreach, one of my biggest projects has been leading Bible study each week. This semester, I am particularly excited about the Bible study topic because we are exploring questions about Jesus’ death on the cross, which is something I have struggled with understanding the past several years. Growing up in a conservative church, I was taught that there was only one understanding of the cross, so after I began researching, I was surprised to find out how many different understandings are out there! As I prepare each week, I am learning about many different theologies and deepening my understanding of God. This internship has challenged me to step up as a leader, to grow spiritually, to be creative, and to be flexible. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a leader in a community that has given me so much love and support.

The Crossing is an ecumenical, progressive Christian campus ministry for students of UW-Madison and other Madison-area colleges. We celebrate and embrace students of all identities as they explore their spirituality in an every-changing world. Find us at

By Kelly Casey