Native American Ministries Sunday will be celebrated on April 15. On this Sunday, we celebrate and honor the unique culture of Native Americans within the United Methodist family. It is a time to be intentional about remembering the gifts and contributions made to our nation and to our society by Native Americans.

Many significant contributions in the areas of medicine, mathematics, farming, and government were instrumental to our nation, and greatly influenced cultures in Europe and Latin America. Our Church believes that it is important to provide spaces and special efforts that allow Native Americans to see, know, and encounter Jesus. There are 149 Native American United Methodist congregations and more than 21,000 Native American United Methodist individuals. This restorative and hopeful Special Sunday helps empower the creative expression of worship within Native American communities.

Your special offering is instrumental to Native American ministries. Your generosity also provides seminary scholarships for Native Americans. Your generous gifts support Native American outreach within annual conferences and across the United States. Make an incredible impact with a donation on Native American Ministries Sunday.

Download Native American Ministries Sunday Pastor and Leader's Kit