The Launch Out! Funding Campaign is our investment into our future to create faith-raising opportunities to reach people in new ways, in new places, and in new ministries. As we launch out, our focus is on leadership development for laity and clergy. This is the key to effective mission and ministry and is included in each of the priorities: revitalization of existing congregations that desire life and growth, new faith communities to reach those who don’t currently relate to our existing congregations and ministries, and mercy and justice ministries as collaborative opportunities in every community. More about this campaign will be shared at upcoming events, including Bishop’s Days Apart, Laity Convocation, Pre-Conference, and Annual Conference.

Project Strategist Randy Chapin has been involved in the funding campaign from the beginning, when it started as the feasibility study that was presented at the 2017 Annual Conference. He explained why this funding campaign is necessary, saying, “We need funding, and the current apportionment approach that we take does not enable us to achieve the additional funding that’s required to take us to that next step. This is not an issue of maintenance funding and doing more of the same. This is truly ‘launching out,’ to use the term that we’re using, to be able to take that step forward to be able to achieve the success and the strategic initiatives that we need as a Conference.”

Watch his testimony here.