A new year brings great potential for hope, generosity and compassion. UMCOR Sunday, one of our most popular churchwide special Sundays with offering, is on the horizon. We want to make sure it is on your calendar. On March 11, 2018, we invite you to join with thousands of other congregations across the connection in a special offering to support the United Methodist Committee on Relief.

When our congregations participate in UMCOR Sunday, we help cover the operating budget of UMCOR. Your support makes it possible for UMCOR to direct 100 percent of all other contributions to the projects our donors specify, instead of using this money on administrative or fundraising costs. It is a powerful statement that your gifts enable UMCOR to respond in times of crisis.

UMCOR is present with heartfelt prayers, empathy, monetary donations and volunteering spirits after disaster strikes. We saw that over and over in 2017 when hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria battered Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Puerto Rico, and again when mudslides swept through Sierra Leone. The United Methodist Committee on Relief is there for the long haul, thanks to your generosity. UMCOR is still present in Louisiana and West Virginia more than a year after floods devastated parts of those states. And that is just one example of UMCOR’s commitment to helping survivors get back on their feet.

The work of UMCOR also goes beyond disaster relief. As millions of refugees and migrants seek safety and opportunity, UMCOR is present. All over the world, UMCOR is there, providing compassion and hope to those who desperately need it. We thank you for your continued support and sincerely hope you and your congregation will join us on March 11.

If you have not yet done so, please check out the free pastor’s download kit. You will find resources to help you prepare, promote and share the amazing opportunity of UMCOR Sunday with your congregation and social media audience.