God speaks to every person, but oftentimes young people don’t know how to listen for God’s voice. You can help – become a mentor to a young person in your community! The Timothy Circle has created an online training workshop to give adults the tools and resources to be successful mentors. The 4-week online training costs just $45, and connects participants to a community of fellow mentors, as well as a database of volunteer, work, and educational opportunities to help young people grow in their faith and clarify how they are being called by God.

The online nature of the course means you can log in and participate whenever it is convenient for you. Visit TimothyCircle.com to sign up for a January, April or June training. It’s an excellent way to help churches foster intergenerational connections, and take an active role in raising up the next generation of disciples! The Timothy Circle is a joint project of the Foundation for Evangelism (known for their Denman Awards), and the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship (founded by the authors of DISCIPLE Bible Study).