On December 14th, 2017, a coalition of faith-based networks and anti-poverty groups held concurrent announcements in multiple cities for a bold new campaign to end child poverty in Wisconsin. The campaign seeks to inspire Wisconsin to set a goal of eliminating child poverty, by holding itself accountable for reducing both child poverty and racial disparities by half in the next decade. The campaign is a product of three years of intensive policy discussions and moral reflection at 24 churches and other religious institutions throughout Wisconsin.

The lead coalition partners are four statewide organizations: WISDOM, Wisconsin Council of Churches, Kids Forward, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund. This announcement by religious leaders and social justice advocates uses the occasion of the holiday season to raise our voices on behalf of committing Wisconsin to ending child poverty and creating a state where every child has the real opportunity to thrive and succeed.

To add your endorsement to the goal of cutting childhood poverty in half, go to endchildpovertywi.org/endorse.