After President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel, multiple branches of the Methodist Church responded. The World Methodist Council (WMC) issued a statement expressing dismay at the announcement at this time of social, political, and religious sensitivity around the status of Jerusalem. The statement said the move was “dismissing decades of established American policy and international consensus. Such a move undermines peace-building efforts in the region between the two states. His Majesty King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan stated that the city, which has long been home to three Abrahamic faiths, is the key to achieving peace and security in the region and in the world.” Read the full WMC statement here

Rev. Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe, General Secretary of Church and Society, and Thomas Kemper, General Secretary of Global Ministries, also responded to this decision. In their statement, they referenced the 2016 Book of Resolution, #6111, which states the Church’s vision of a shared Jerusalem as a city of peace and reconciliation. They concluded their statement with a call for unity, “In this first week of Advent, as Christians around the world turn our hearts towards Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, we reject any notion that God is on one side. Rather we remember and celebrate the coming of Emmanuel, God with us—all of us—as we seek the things that make for just peace for all.” Read the full statement here