On December 1st, the Secretary of the General Conference announced that the number of delegates assigned to each annual conference for the 2020 General Conference has been calculated, and certificates of election are on the way to bishops and annual conference secretaries. The computation involves applying a statistical formula contained in The Book of Discipline 2016, which is based on the number of clergy and professing lay members of each annual conference. The adjustment of the formula resulted in 862 delegates to the 2020 General Conference, as compared to 864 in 2016.

Delegates to the 2020 General Conference will be representative of the five jurisdictions and seven central conferences throughout the world, as well as churches with which The United Methodist Church has a concordat agreement. Read the full press release to see the distribution between jurisdictions.

The North Central Jurisdiction will have 88 delegates at the 2020 General Conference (GC). Wisconsin is allocated the same number of delegates for the 2020 GC as it had in 2016: 3 clergy and 3 lay. Wisconsin will also have 3 additional clergy and 3 additional lay serving as 2020 North Central Jurisdictional Conference delegates, and as GC reserves. Elected at the same time will be 4 more clergy and 4 more laity to serve as jurisdictional conference reserves. Election for Wisconsin’s 2020 GC delegates will be held at the 2019 annual conference.