On Thursday, December 7th, United Methodist Children’s Services (UMCS), a Wisconsin Conference Health & Welfare Ministry, will be throwing its annual Christmas Party for their residents. This is an opportunity for families to gather for a meal, for kids to decorate cookies and ornaments, and for everyone to celebrate the joy of the season. UMCS will also distribute gift cards to families to purchase presents for their children that have been generously collected and donated by congregations and individuals throughout Wisconsin. This event is an opportunity for UMCS to connect with the families they they serve and to support their families during Christmas time.

UMCS is in need of donations of specific supplies for this event. They have a number of items on their Amazon Wish List that can be purchased and donated for the party. Click here to visit their Amazon Wish List, pick which items you would like, complete your purchase, and then the items will be shipped directly to UMCS. If you don’t use the direct link, visit their website, click ‘Wish List’ in the menu on the right, and click on ‘View our Amazon Wish List.’ Then choose ‘Christmas Wish List’ to view the items needed. Please make your purchases by November 27th so that UMCS can receive them in time for the event. You can also check out the other items they have on their wish list for all their program needs as well!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas from UMCS.