Wisconsin Annual Conference members are invited to provide feedback to the "Draft of The General Book of Discipline,” as requested by the 2016 General Conference. In 2 Peter 3:16, the apostle writes about the letters of Paul: "Some of his remarks are hard to understand". In a similar way, many United Methodists say the same about portions of The Book of Discipline, "some of these paragraphs are hard to understand," and many say "some of these paragraphs do not relate to our context of ministry." General Conference 2012 mandated the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters with clarifying which paragraphs in Part VI of the Book of Discipline (Part VI: Organization and Administration) apply for all regions of the world, and which paragraphs may be adapted by Central Conferences.

The Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters submitted a "Draft of a General Book of Discipline" to General Conference 2016. The draft is a partial fulfillment as it covers only chapters 1-4 and 6 of Part VI. General Conference 2016 received the Draft with appreciation and confirmed that a consultation shall be held in all Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church worldwide during the year 2017.

Note that, due to low attendance, the Wisconsin Conference Task Force has cancelled all remaining listening sessions for feedback in person. But feedback is still needed, so all are still welcome to fill out the anonymous form. Click here to read the draft, and click here for more information and to fill out the form with your feedback. Also, if you would like to verbally express your comments, you can call (715) 539-6402. All comments are due by November 12th.