We are pleased to announce that Randy Chapin is the new Make A New Wisconsin Project Strategist for the Conference. He will provide leadership for the management, communication, and execution of the second phase of the Planning Study for Make A New Wisconsin. Randy also serves as the Vice Chair of the Council on Finance and Administration for the Wisconsin Conference. He recently completed the Institute of Congregational Development and served as a Co-Chair of phase one of the Planning Study.

Additionally, he has been active in working with various churches throughout the Conference in implementing the Accountable Leadership Model. In this new role, he will be crafting a strategic action plan, recruiting members for a task force, and creating opportunities for input from clergy and laity throughout the Conference. The Make A New Wisconsin Campaign includes the objectives of launching new faith ministries and revitalizing existing congregations, promoting diversity in all ministries, developing lay and clergy leadership, and supporting mercy and justice ministries. Randy will report to the Bishop, and will be a member of the Full Cabinet.