The word “culture” often invokes a specific set of images about a group of people: perhaps a way of life, but not necessarily a way of thinking. Grace Cajiuat, Coordinator of Multicultural Ministries, knows there’s more to a country of origin than meets the eye. “Culture goes beyond the tip of the iceberg,” Cajiuat said. “Whereas the tip only indicates what we usually associate with culture, such as dance, food, language, or way of dressing, culture includes what is below the waterline of the iceberg and impacts our lives together the most: the unspoken rules and the unconscious rules we have. Multicultural means that diversity of culture includes sections of our lives that we normally don’t think of as carrying culture: age, economic status, educational background, sexual orientation, work experience, to name a few.” As the bearer of this newly-created position, one task Cajiuat carries out is presenting workshops to churches and their communities across the state, where participants learn just how diverse their congregation may be—and to celebrate that diversity for the congregation’s advantage. Click here to read more about Grace’s newly-minted position on page 8 of the current issue of Reflections.