Since my ordination in The Methodist Church in India in 1983 Deacon and 1985 Elder, I was dreaming to visit the places of the Founding Fathers of Methodism. In the last few years, I have been searching for opportunities that would enhance my passion for spiritual formation and missional focus. The Wesleyan Pilgrimage is one of the best avenues through which my dream has come true and surely, I had my heart not just strangely, but also missionally and spiritually warmed. Every day was a time of blessing and soul-refreshing that I will continue to cherish and share with others. The first and foremost learning was from The Morning Prayer with Eucharist, The Compline, and the daily Prayers, printed in the Pilgrim’s Journal. These spiritual disciplines were like a lantern to my feet and a light upon my path, not only during the pilgrimage days, but also continues. As I was feeling discouraged in my spirit, the prayer printed on page 54 for the Thursday 13th July brought a sense of confidence and comfort. The ancient prayer, “Lord, have mercy on me” and the prayer, “Lord, let me run with patience the race set before me” were like a river of life flowing into my soul. It was also like God reaching out and testing my thoughts, ways and desires. God forgave my wrongs, healed my wounds, transformed my mind, and refreshed my spirit. Yes, the Spirit of the Living God fell afresh on me and on all the Pilgrims (I believe). Read full reflection here and view pictures and videos here.