Ninety-six United Methodist Women participated in the 2017 Four Day Mission u, while 84 were present at Overview Day during the week of July 24-28 at the Mead Hotel and Conference Center in Wisconsin Rapids. Bishop Hee-Soo Jung came to offer support and joined a youth discussion group who talked about the Church and their calling. Bishop Jung also delivered inspirational words during the closing communion service. Study leaders for the classes were Barbara Dick, Rev. Dan Dick and Rev. Linda Vance (Covenant Community); Billie LaBumbard and Rev. Rob Odum (U.S. Mission Conferences); Laura Pfeffer (Climate Justice), and Corrine Robson (Young Women and Teens). Anita Henderlight shared information about Africa ELI Tuesday night at Wisconsin Rapids UMC. Staff persons included Laura Ida, Compassionate Listener; Gail Bixler, Technology; Kathy Maldegan, Song Leader; Pam Smith, Keyboard; Betty Foemmel and Judy Loveless, Sign Language Interpreters; and Joyce Myers, Crafts. “It was uplifting to witness a group of participants who were Spirit-filled and joyful to be present,” said Gail Burgess, 2017 Mission u Dean. United Methodist Children’s Services of Milwaukee was the 2017 Mission u Mission Project. Participants brought in a variety of supplies for UMCS; in addition, $1375 in cash and checks were collected. A person staying at the hotel inquired about UMCS and Mission u and their missional work -- and was moved to give the group a check – for $1,000! Gail Burgess said, “We are grateful for those who are called to be generous strangers!” In other offerings, $2058 was given for UMW’s Pledge to Mission ($1451 at 4-day, $607 at Overview Day) and $235.46 was given for World Thank Offering. Mission u 2018 will be held July 23-26 and July 27 in the Mead Hotel and Conference Center in Wisconsin Rapids. The Dean and Assistant Dean for 2018 are Karen Mayeshiba and Stacy Ganzer. Nancy Flath and Bernice Kohlman will return as Registrar and Business Manager. Click here to see photos from event. Click here for video from youth discussion. Click here for Bishop’s sermon.