Bishop Jung finished his A Day Apart session with clergy and laity in the Metro region last Thursday, February 21. The day began with clergy members in a worship led by Superintendent Deborah Thompson, followed by a Bible Study focused on Isaiah 43: 1-7. More than 80 clergy members from around the region gathered to discuss the verse and how it applies to their call as servants of God. "How do you feel that God is always with you and always will be? How do you know God loves you?" Bishop Jung asked. "What is your calling? It's not what you do. It starts with acknowledging God and witnessing everything He's done. It's not the dogma; it's our experience of God that defines our faith," he said. After a lunch break, the clergy and Bishop reconvened to discuss Imagining Wisconsin Anew, Bishop Jung's vision for clergy and newest strategy for growing the United Methodist faith in Wisconsin. Each of the five tenants of the strategy, which was also explained to nearly 100 Metro laity members later that evening, provides suggestions on how to invite new people from all walks of life into our mission world and how to grow as a faith community. Imagining Wisconsin Anew invites clergy and laity to do God's work by stepping out of their comfort zones and inviting people into the church instead of waiting around idly for new members to arrive. Identifying new faith community sites, meeting with community leaders, developing new ministry plans, and training new leaders are all part of Bishop Jung's hope for the next few years. Click here to view the handout that clergy and laity who attended the Metro A Day Apart session received; click here to view photos from the day; and be sure to mark your calendars for upcoming A Day Apart sessions in the other remaining regions. See article below.