Ministry with children and youth is a high priority for the Wisconsin Conference, yet it is a challenge to compete with all the many activities designed for young people. What will it take for our congregations to become centers of spiritual formation and faith development for the newly emerging, multi-cultural, and high energy generations? Let’s join Breanna Illéné in her invitation to Make A-New Wisconsin for our children and youth. Assistant to the Bishop Dan Dick recommends that you share this video and our whole Make A-New Wisconsin video series in worship; at council meetings; in the narthex, fellowship hall, or lobby. The videos ask us all to move from the invitation to Imagine Wisconsin Anew to the challenge to Make A-New Wisconsin? Rev. Dick invites “you to think in real and concrete ways how we can engage in mercy and justice ministries; launch new faith opportunities and revitalize existing congregations; feed people in body, mind, soul, and Spirit through Soul Food ministries; and welcome people of all nations, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.” The time is ripe for change, and the Holy Spirit is moving to transform and revitalize our Wisconsin United Methodist congregations. In addition, we want to hear your stories of how you are transforming your congregation, and reaching out beyond your church walls to help others in your community. Send your photos, videos and stories to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Michele Virnig at 888-240-7328. We want to share your stories to inspire others to Make A-New Wisconsin.