Join Bishop Jung for two days of learning and fellowship on September 13 and 14 at the Green Lake Conference Center. All clergy are encouraged to attend. Our featured speaker is Margaret J. Marcuson, a leader of leaders, ordained minister, and teacher and student of human systems. She speaks and writes on leadership and works with faith leaders nationally as a consultant/coach. Margaret became deeply interested in leadership during her thirteen years as the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Gardner, Massachusetts. “Over time I shifted from attempting the impossible—changing others—to the merely difficult—changing myself,” she says. Her work focuses on how leaders manage themselves in relation to those they lead. They can challenge those they lead, and nurture their relationship with those they lead, but they cannot will others to change. “For me as a leader this was profoundly freeing,” she says. She is the author of 111 Tips to Survive Pastoral Ministry, Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry (Seabury) and Money and Your Ministry: Balance the Books While Keeping Your Balance (forthcoming). Aligning her School of Ministry messages with our “One With Christ” Annual Conference theme, Marcuson will focus on how we as spiritual leaders can facilitate lasting change by first working on ourselves. Registration is now open. To reserve your room, you need to make your own arrangements as soon as possible. All rooms will be released from our Green Lake Conference Center Room Block on August 14, 2017. Call 920-294-3323 and ask for Room Block “School for Ministry.”