Your Board of Higher Education and Student Ministries is proud to bring you this occasional series of articles about the people of faith and the ministry of joy that overflows your campus ministries in Wisconsin.

In the fall of 2016, University Christian Ministries (UCM) was pleased to launch a new program about vocation called “Finding Your Purpose” on the UW-Milwaukee campus. The program began with a kick-off event in September where students were introduced to the concept of finding God’s purpose for their lives by a recent UW-Madison graduate. Students were encouraged to begin the process of considering their unique calling from God, regardless of their intended career or occupation. Throughout the evening nearly 100 students were encouraged to listen for God’s voice in their lives.

Following the kick-off event, additional presentations, conversations, and Bible studies continued at weekly lunches for the remainder of the fall semester. Among the topics explored were:

  • Defining a call
  • Components of a call
  • Types of call
  • Quadrants of a call
  • Obstacles to responding to a call

Comments and reflections of students during the semester can be found on UCM’s website at

Story by Alan McAlister, Campus Minister