What will it take to move us from the invitation to Imagine Wisconsin Anew to the challenge to Make A-New Wisconsin? We will be exploring together all of the possibilities--so we invite you to think in real and concrete ways how we can engage in mercy and justice ministries; launch new faith opportunities and revitalize existing congregations; feed people in body, mind, soul, and Spirit through Soul Food ministries; and welcome people of all nations, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Enjoy the second installment of our ongoing series of short videos helping us move from “imagining” to “living” A New Wisconsin. Join Jorge Mayorga as he invites us to “Make A-New Wisconsin” through the identification, cultivation, and support of excellent, gifted laity and clergy leaders. Each week or so, we will share a new video; and all videos will eventually be available for streaming or download. Click here to see the first video in the series from Dan Dick.