The deadline for sending in Rainbow Covenant Reports is March 31. Be sure to complete the form, which was distributed at the 2016 Annual Conference, and is available on our website under Board of Global Ministries - Resources, and then send it in as soon as possible! In order to qualify as a Rainbow Covenant Church, you must support missions of the Church in a variety of ways. First, all Rainbow Covenant churches must pay 100% of their apportionments. Next, they must support a "rainbow" of missions that include 1) Local Projects (e.g. a Food Bank or warming shelter), 2) at least one of the seven Special Sundays, 3) a Conference Advance, 4) a National Advance, 5) an International Advance (Information on these can be found in A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY: 2016-2010 Guide for Mission Giving in Wisconsin, which was sent to all local churches in the summer of 2016 and is also available on the website under Board of Global Ministries - Resources), 6) UMCOR, 7) In Mission Together, and 8) Missionary Support. In 2015, only three churches were recognized as Rainbow Covenant churches, and in 2016, we nearly tripled the number when 8 churches were recognized. It would be great to again triple the number! Take a close look at your mission giving and see if you qualify. If you do, fill out the report and send it in before March 31. And if you don't, use the report as a guide for planning your 2017 Mission Giving!