Bishop Jung participated in two celebrations recently in different parts of the state. The first, a celebration honoring Martin Luther King Jr., was held at Central UMC in Milwaukee on the evening of January 20. With approximately 125 people in attendance, the service featured worship in the form of song and dance, as well as an “Echoes of Different Voices from the Birmingham Jail” segment read by youth in different languages. Our former Bishop Linda Lee also gave a moving sermon talking about how far the country has come in terms of equality, but also how far it has to go. She recalled the racism she experienced as a child when traveling to the South to visit family; how hotels and restaurants would not serve African-Americans after a certain point in the drive; and how thankful she was that the country has learned to look past its differences and unite as one under God. Rev. Steve Polster, Assistant to the Bishop, called the event “unforgettable”. “What a blessing it was to be there with the church packed with people of all ages, from so many varied backgrounds and cultures, sharing in powerful music and inspiring teaching. It was fun and inspirational!” The event was live-streamed, and its recording can be viewed by clicking here. Click here to visit our Flickr page to view pictures from the event.

In addition, Bishop Jung gave the sermon at an Ecumenical Worship Service at First UMC in Green Bay on January 23, with about 75 people in attendance. Leaders from seven different denominations invited their congregations to the service to celebrate the Week of Prayer of Christian Unity together. Prayers and affirmations of unity were spoken, and Bishop Jung reflected on his childhood as his faith led him from one faith to another, and what being united as Christians truly means. “However, our vision is not what the churches should simply do together, based on what they have done so far separately,” he said. “It is rather that we should all be transformed in order to manifest more clearly what in God's plan the people of God is meant to be. It is not pasting together ecclesiastical institutions and simply seeking unity in Christian fellowship, but what should we be if we are listening to God's amazing demands to be God's living Church in such a time like this.” Click here to read his full sermon, and click here to view photos from the event on our Flickr page. Contact Amanda Rehrauer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 888-240-7328 to request a DVD copy of either service.